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By: Tyler Bramlett
Trainer, Best Selling Fitness Author
Functional Strength Training Expert

“Dude… I wish I had abs like yours!!”

The first time I herd that, it almost sent me to tears. You see… I wish I could say that I was genetically blessed and always had an easy time showing off my abs, but as you can see by the first image above… I am far from genetically blessed. In fact, growing up as a kid I was fat and unhappy with how my body looked. I was especially unhappy with the inner tube I had growing around my stomach.

In this short letter I will share with you the secret PM3 method that I discovered that makes it impossible not to get awesome looking super strong abs.

But before I dig into how this system works, let me tell you my personal story, a story about how I tried again and again to reveal my abs but failed over and over. Until one day I stumbled upon this idiot proof method that I then used to not only reveal my 6 pack for the very first time but also build a bulletproof core that looks as good as it performs!!

Now… Pay close attention… Because what you are about to learn will change the way you look at your abdominal training for good…

It all started when I woke up one morning, I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror, and as much as I tried I couldn’t help but feel disgusted at what was starring back at me. A gross layer of fat dripped off my belly as if I was wearing an inner tube. I decided that day that I wouldn’t stand for it any more!!

After years of giving myself excuses and saying things like, “well it’s just your genetics” or, “just get used to it your never gonna have visible abs.” Something inside me broke. I had hit rock bottom and decided that I wouldn’t take it anymore I had to change my life and my body.

I became obsessed with getting abs, because after all, everyone wants to see their stomach muscles, right?

I started trying every ab program I could find, I did routines that involved 1,000 crunches a day, I did tons of different ab machines and followed all of the fancy new programs you still find in the muscle mags.

Did I end up getting abs of steel?

Well, sadly no, in fact I made little progress towards visibly seeing my ab… But this didn’t stop me… I kept searching deeper and deeper… And eventually I discovered something that very few people knew that made all the difference…

The months turned into years, my training changed from a focus on how I looked to how well I performed. I began using little known Functional and Gymnastic ab exercises and movement progressions and within a short period of time I was actually able to see my stomach muscles.

It was then that I realized that this PM3 approach is the secret to not only getting a super strong injury resistant core but to also getting awesome abs!

Then… Just to make sure that it wasn’t a total fluke… I began testing this system on my clients to see if they would experience the same results that I got when practicing these exercises.

Here’s What Happened…

I have always been a little overweight even in my days of long distance running, but being really tall it wasn’t very noticeable and I was always able to keep it around that extra 20lbs. I have always been painfully slow at gaining strength and muscle as well as being very inflexible. Within a year I have seen some amazing changes. A loss of 20lbs of fat with little muscle loss, 3” in the waist, gained strength in my core and back and slowly became more agile and better at the core movements. I have gained 3lbs of muscle with no increase in body fat and noticed more definition in my arms, back, shoulders and legs !!

I lost 11lbs and 10.5” off just my waist!!!! What I hoped to gain is exactly what I achieved. OUTSTANDING I must tell you! Thank you soooooooo very much!

I am super happy with myself and my body! I feel like I am the best shape that I’ve been in for many years. (Plus I am amazed that my body transformed as much as it did.) I lost 8lbs and 6” in only 60 days and I have especially changed my eating habits. I actually crave protein shakes sometimes, and enjoy them! Exercising really is a pleasure- the afterglow lasts all day!

So… After seeing how powerful this system was at trimming waistlines and revealing 6-pack abs… Here’s what I did…

I took everything that I had learned and put it into a completely idiot proof step-by-step system that will take you from total beginner exercises like these…

To advanced hardcore exercises like these…

And along the way you are guaranteed to build abs that look as good as they perform!!

So… What Is The PM3 Method?

The PM3 Method is a unique 3-step system that I created to help you identify the exact exercises you should be doing to get the best results with your Ab training.

Think about it like this… Most people make the devastating mistake of just always trying to do more and more reps. I’m sure you’ve seen someone at your local gym doing rep after rep of crunches and never developing awesome abs, right? While there’s nothing wrong with working out your abs in this “traditional” way, you are selling yourself extremely short. The PM3 Method addresses more then just reps. It shows you a planned system of exercises that you can use to develop world class Abs that look as good as they perform by using a perfectly designed series of Progressive Abdominal Movements.

Here’s how it works…

Part 1: Strength & Stability

As I said above, most people make the mistake of focusing on just adding rep after rep of simple ab exercises. Does this actually build strength in your abs? Well… Only to a point, once you reach a certain amount of reps you begin training for muscular endurance which will ultimately shortchange your ab results!!

Let me explain…

When a runner decides to keep going further and further and focuses entirely on distance what happens? Do they get stronger and build more muscular strength and tone? No, they become a marathon runner who’s muscle strength and tone decreases as a sacrifice to achieving more and more endurance.

When a runner decides to focus exclusively on building short bursts of strength and power what happens then? Do they get stronger and build better muscle tone? A Big Fat YES!! They become sprinters who increase their muscular strength and tone because of their emphasis on building strength and power. Look at the picture below to see what I mean… Do you want sprinter abs or marathoner abs?

marathoner_vs_sprinter1That’s exactly why the first key of the PM3 method is to focus on building maximum strength in your abs. Without building real strength in your abs, you will have a greater chance of getting injured and will decrease your overall abdominal potential.

Part 2: Flexibility & Range Of Motion

Here’s where things go wrong in most peoples training. Most people never even think about how active flexibility contributes to 6-pack abs. But take a look at any gymnast’s ab routine, they use exercises that focus on building not only great strength but also dynamic flexibility.

L Sit AbsWhen you use the PM3 Method you will learn how to build flexibility at the same time you build strength. When you add these exercises into your workouts, you will not only increase your performance, but you will get awesome abs even faster!

Part 3: Balance & Coordination

This final piece of the PM3 puzzle is perhaps the most neglected component of your training. Even if you’ve discovered the unique method of combining strength training with flexibility, you will still be neglecting how critical balance and coordination really are to developing abs that look as good as they perform.

Core imbalances can devastate your results, limit your strength and performance and are linked to almost every injury known!! The third key contained in the PM3 method is an emphasis on mastering core control by using little known activation techniques to not only help core imbalances but accelerate your ab training results even further.

The PM3 Method integrates all 3 of these components into one set of exercises to maximize your results building awesome looking abs that look as good as they perform!!

By Using The PM3 Method You Are Guaranteed
To Unleash Never Before Seen Results!

In The Warrior Abs System I will teach you how to use the PM3 Method AND show you step-by-step the EXACT exercises in the EXACT order you should be practicing to build awesome abs! This program can be used if you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete looking for that winning edge.

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The Warrior Abs System…



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Deane Lost 14lbs in only 6 weeks!

Before, I felt like I lost the youthful body I used to have so much fun with. Now, I’ve gone down by 2” in my pant size I’ve dropped 14lbs and I’m thrilled to be under 180lbs for the first time in years. Best of all my total cholesterol has fallen along with my body fat % and I feel more energetic throughout the day, no longer feeling tired and lethargic around 3pm like I used to.

I’m Getting Closer To My 6 Pack!!

In 2009 I was very motivated to get into better shape so I would be able to keep up with my new baby daughter. I had joined a crossfit gym and was enjoying the experience but was not seeing the results that I wanted. In November I was experiencing extreme pain in my legs and back. I received an MRI and was diagnosed with a tumor inside my spinal column that was pinching nerves similar to a slipped disc. After seeing a couple of specialists my wife found a surgeon that operated out of Stanford. I was rushed into surgery the first week of

December with hopes that the tumor was not cancer. After 9 hours of surgery I got an early Christmas present with the news that the tumor was not cancer. And thanks to a first class surgeon I made a full recovery a few months later now minus some of my spine. My only problem then was that I had lost all the progress I was working towards with getting into shape but was even more motivated now after being so close to such a scary situation.

I am pretty happy with how my body has turned out after a year. I am enjoying the new diet and feel great. I have a thinner stomach than before I started. This is getting me closer to my six pack!


I Lost 5” off of my waist and I feel leaner, more fit and more muscular! I feel much happier about my body!!


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In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many of my clients build a awesome looking, strong and powerful abs in a quick and effective manner, I am confident that you will be thrilled as well.

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Then let me show you the 100% guaranteed, 100% effective way to help you build awesome abs that look as good as they perform!


Tyler Bramlett

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Here’s your chance to get the most effective Abdominal training system ever created. This week only you can get 12 different Warrior Abs Videos detailing the EXACT steps you need to take to get the strongest and best looking midsection possible, The Warrior Abs Training Manual which offers a Done-For-You series of warrior ab workouts you can use in your training and as a FREE Bonus also get The 5 Warrior Fat Incinerator Workouts while saving 94% off the regular price.

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You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers…

Question: I am just starting out with ab training, is this appropriate for a complete beginner?

Answer: If your just starting out, then this is your lucky day. This program is designed to take anyone (other then already world class athletes) from basic exercises that I guarantee you can do and move them through a planned PM3 progression that’s easy to follow and implement. The bottom line is I wish someone else had invented this program so I could of had it when I first got started!

Question: You mentioned getting this done in only 20 Minutes a week, how is that possible?

Answer: The beautiful thing about using the PM3 Method for your ab training is, since you are always focusing on increasing one of the 3 key components that the PM3 highlights, The workouts actually end up being much shorter then traditional, long, drawn out ab routines. The workouts will take no longer then 10 minutes to perform and some of them closer to 5 minutes.

Question: I am already in great shape and have pretty nice abs, what’s this program gonna do for me?

Answer: Since this program uses my unique PM3 method, even advanced athletes who already have good looking abs can expect to improve their core strength, dynamic flexibility and abdominal balance. What does this mean? Better performance during your workouts, a safer spine when performing heavier lifts, the ability to generate more speed and power and of course… Even better looking abs!

Question: When should I follow this program and do my ab training?

Answer: This program is designed to fit in with any other program that you are currently doing. I suggest following it 2-4 days per week before or after your resistance training workouts or on days between workouts. Since the PM3 method emphasizes building strength, you should not follow this program more then 4 times per week. Also, you should not do this program after your cardiovascular workouts.

Question: I’m having a hard time believing that you’ve really discovered some secret training method that will really help me to get 6-pack abs, how do I know this will work?

Answer: I can completely understand your hesitation. First off check out all of the pictures above which are 100% real pictures of people that have followed my programs. Each and every one of them has used the PM3 Method in their workouts to build tighter waistlines and abs that look good and perform even better. Beyond that my personal transformation should be a compelling story as to why you should believe in the system, I’m not just some armchair theoretician, I’ve transformed myself and many others. And finally, the only reason the Warrior Abs System won’t work for you is if you don’t use it. From my experience if you follow the programs, as written and you move up even just a measly 3 levels you will already notice a difference in your abs. Plus, with a 60 day money back guarantee you can try it out and if I’m wrong then you can get all of your money back, there’s no risk at all!

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Here’s your chance to get the most effective Abdominal training system ever created. This week only you can get 12 different Warrior Abs Videos detailing the EXACT steps you need to take to get the strongest and best looking midsection possible, The Warrior Abs Training Manual which offers a Done-For-You series of warrior ab workouts you can use in your training and as a FREE Bonus also get The 5 Warrior Fat Incinerator Workouts while saving 94% off the regular price.

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